• Nemgenix plant tissue laboratoriesNemgenix plant tissue laboratories

Nemgenix has R&D facilities in Australia and the UK.

The i-QUEST™ platform will be developed and applied at the company’s European R&D laboratory located in Harpenden, north of London. The European Bioinformatics Institute (part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is a short distance away and Nemgenix is collaborating with EMBL-EBI in the design of some of the key filters that are to be integrated into the i-QUEST™ platform.

Bioassays of nematicidal compounds are undertaken at Nemgenix's R&D laboratories and glasshouses at the Western Australia State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre (SABC) in Perth, Western Australia (see www.sabc.murdoch.edu.au). The company is currently constructing a dedicated field trial facility comprising contained and secure plots where the soil can be modelled for different conditions and in which different nematode populations can be established and their concentrations manipulated. This will provide Nemgenix with a unique resource by which it can assess its nematicidal compounds.


Nemgenix has proprietary transcriptome and genomic data, and exclusive chemo/bio-informatics tools comprised within i-QUEST™; these are applied to the existing public domain data held in resources at the EBI (for example ChEMBL and WormBase) which are then enhanced with our own proprietary content. This allows very cost-effective generation of a commercially competitive position.

Nemgenix also holds an extensive collection of different nematode cultures and aphid colonies for use in challenge experiments and for analysis.