Welcome to Nemgenix

Nemgenix is an international agricultural biotechnology company developing new technologies for the control of plant parasitic nematodes and aphids.

Since 2007 Nemgenix has undertaken the development of RNAi-based biotech traits for nematode and aphid resistance. It is progressing its R&D programmes with a number of corporate partners and has filed multiple patent applications which are being prosecuted in all major territories. 

In 2012 Nemgenix’s Crop Protection Unit was formed to undertake the development of an in silico pesticide discovery platform known as ‘i-QUEST™’. This is currently being used for the discovery of novel nematicides.

Nemgenix has research and development facilities in Perth, Australia and Harpenden, UK, with a European business development office in Bath, UK. The company has a full-time research team of 10..